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When first contacting your chosen Funeral Director, inform them that you would like to have a Civil Funeral to celebrate the life of your loved one. They will then contact a qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant to check on availability. Once you have made all the other arrangements with the Funeral Director you will be contacted by the Celebrant and wherever possible an appointment will be made for the Celebrant to visit you at home to make all the arrangements for the service.

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For a number of years now it has been possible to pre-arrange a funeral through a Funeral Plan. This is an increasingly popular option, as it saves any difficulty for families in accessing the funds required to pay for a funeral.

The option now exists for individuals and families to prepare the funeral service beforehand. It can be very satisfying to know that your final farewell will be exactly as you wish it to be. It can also relieve a great deal of stress for those left behind. Conducting a funeral “exactly as mum would have liked it” is one of the main aims of a civil funeral. It is also one of the most thoughtful actions someone could take - planning a funeral service in advance to help out those left behind.

If you wish to consider planning your funeral service in advance do please contact me. The planned service, to include choices of music, readings, any religious content and a tribute, will be produced on to 2 CDs, one of which can be held with the will and the other with any documentation for a pre-arranged funeral plan. If, in the unlikely event the chosen Celebrant cannot conduct the service, an alternative – equally qualified – Civil Celebrant can be found through the Institute of Civil Funerals.

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The whole process is carried out in a dignified manner and can be illuminating, greatly satisfying and a source of comfort to all parties involved.

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