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Chris Howe
Civil Funeral Celebrant based in Devon, providing a very personal service at a difficult time


Every life, no matter how short or long, is unique. The way in which that life is remembered and celebrated at a funeral should also be unique.


For many years the choice of funerals was limited to church funerals, where more often the focus was on religion rather than the person whose life was being celebrated; or Humanist funerals, which do not allow for any religious content whatsoever.

Although the majority of the population do not attend church on a regular basis, most families do wish to acknowledge the religious aspects of a funeral, without allowing them to dominate the farewell.

A Civil Funeral is, by definition: “A funeral which is driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, not by the belief or ideology of the person conducting the funeral.”

Quite simply, a Civil Funeral is exactly the way you want to say goodbye and can include music, readings, hymns and prayers, a personal tribute and any other contributions you wish.

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